Pulsar's IPL

Trained to advanced level

The Pulsar system is rated as one of the worlds leading laser systems and is clinically proven to offer you effective, virtually pain free, quicker and longer lasting results in Permanent Hair Reduction and Photo Skin Rejuvenation.

Hair Reduction Treatment

The hair removal procedure produces a high intensity flash of filtered light from the applicator head. The energy produced is rapidly absorbed by the skin pigment Melanin and transferred to the surrounding cells raising their temperature to 70° therefore denaturing the cells and making them incapable of further hair growth.

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Photo Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

The rejuvenation procedure delivers controlled Intense Pulses of Broad Spectrum Light to the skin. The light targets the colours brown and red as well as Collagen Tissue within the skin. IPL hence diminishes brown pigmentation and redness whilst stimulating the formulation of Collagen in the skin leaving your skin revitalised and uniformaly pigmented.

Free consultation policy in place.