Aesthetic Treatments by Dr Kathryn

Dr Kathryn holds a weekly clinic every Tuesday at our premises to consult, advise, and carry out treatments.

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Dr Kathryn MBBS MRCA FCAI, is not only a skilled, highly experienced doctor; she is also a woman in her 40s who wants to look good – very much like many of her clients. She is authentic and honest, having had many of the treatments she offers, and is always ready to share her own experience. Dr Kathryn firmly believes that nobody should feel guilty for wanting to look their best.

Dr Kathryn is an experienced doctor with 22 years of medical practice, as well as a consultant anaesthetist working in the NHS. She delivers complex procedures such as epidurals and nerve blocks on a daily basis, and is highly skilled in the use of needles. Her NHS experience led naturally into aesthetic treatments, which she has been delivering to clients for over 5years.




Anti-wrinkle treatments

Lip flip

Smoker’s lines

Gummy smile

Downturned mouth



Neck lines

Filler (Lips, Cheeks, Jaw, Chin, Facial countouring